Ice Fishing House

Ice Fishing HouseWelcome to Zack Shack®, the LAST ice fishing house you will ever need! The Zachmeier family started building the Zack Shack® ice fishing houses in the early 80’s, and the original models are still on the ice today. Each ice fishing house is built and welded one at a time. These shacks are guaranteed to last.  It features the patented lever arm and tongue system, allowing it to be the FASTEST permanent ice house to setup…PERIOD! Local ice fishing guides and resorts are using the Zack Shack® more than ever nowadays for this reason.  You can get the ice fishing shelters out quicker and stay out longer and move and stay on fish! Even our biggest ice fishing house only weigh 1450 pounds.  Compare that to other ice fishing houses on the market today.

We came out with a lot of new features back in 2013 and we continue to refine them.  The fold down 60 inch wide door has been innovative in assisting the sportsman to get the ATVs with tracks in our ice houses.  The lights inside and out have all been changed to LED to extend battery life and our lever arms have even more wight and balance added to them to make the Zack Shacks® even easier.  Our most recent addition to the Zack Shack® lineup has been the new V noses.  We are offering them in 12.6 and 14.6 foot lengths with all the features of the originals.  The V nose gives you a much easier fuel efficient pull down the highway with the added room in the front to build cabinets and storage.  We trust, once you purchase a Zack Shack® it will last you a lifetime!

Ice Fish Houses
The Zack Shack® Ice Fishing House also doubles as the following:

  • Decoy Trailer for Waterfowlers
  • Hunting Blinds for Deer and Turkey Hunters
  • Motorcycle Hauler
  • Warming House
  • Camper/Sleeper
  • Storage Shed
  • Work Trailer