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There are dozens of ice fishing houses available on the market, and they come in all colors, shapes and sizes. And when it comes to homemade ice houses, the sky is the limit. They start from the basic 1-man collapsable to houses that have all the luxuries of home. Below is the types of ice houses:

ice fishing houseSimple Ice Fishing HouseWith a little know-how, tarp and misc. plywood from your neighbors scrap pile you can have yourself an ice fishing house for cheap. The concept is simple. They collapse down flat and setup with 2 doors and a tarp as the frame. Very easy to build, and easy to setup. Maintaining is tricky, however. ice fishing houseClassic Ice Fishing HouseSince ice houses came on the market, the classic box design has been the most common. These are normally pretty light, fairly easy to setup and last a long time. They aren’t the most portable, most have a lot of room depending on the model.
ice fishing houseHomemade Ice Fishing HouseYou can take the simple ice fishing house plans and expand it to suite your needs. This is a comfortable 4-man ice house build on the same concepts as any homemade ice shelter. ice fishing houseFlip-Over Ice Fishing HouseThese are fastly becoming the most popular ice fishing house on the market. The house is based off a sled for great portability. Setup time is typically under a minute or two, and can be equipped with a wide array of accessories.
ice fishing housePortable Ice Fishing HouseThis is an example of a cheaper model manufactured ice fishing house. These are light, quick to setup and easy to keep heated. Very nice for the angler on the go. ice fishing housePermanent Ice Fishing HouseLike the homemade ice fishing houses, permanent models can come in a variety of lengths. Some models come with beds, a kitchen and in some cases, even a bathroom. These types of houses provide the ultimate in ice fishing luxury.