Ice Fishing Shelter

Ice Fishing Shelter Central

This is for those of you “do-it-yourselfers”. Don’t want to spend a lot of money on an ice fishing shelter? No problem, below is a list of links for ice fishing shelter plans that can help you design your own on a small set up tools and materials.

Ice Fishing Shelter Plan Links
Ice Shanty Plans – Ice Fishing Shelter ideas and plans for a small fee.
Ice Hut PlansFree plans that allows you to build a collapsable ice fishing shelter on skis.
Ice Shack PlansA 5-dollar ice fishing shelter plan to create your own portable ice fishing house.
Spearing ShantyAn article on creating a ice fishing shelter for spearfishing.

When building your ice fishing shelter, please keep in mind as to whom you plan to be ice fishing with. If you only fish alone, it’s a mute point, but if you plan to fish with children or anyone physically handicapped, build for them. With that you should have enough room for people to easily get in and out of the house, and have enough room to fish comfortably.You also have to think about portability. If you’re not comfortable lugging around a 200 lb. ice fishing shelter and you plan on fishing alone, it’s a no-brainer. You have to go with lighter materials, and that starts with the ice shelter base. Heavy wood can be replaced with hard plastic. You could also go with a lighter canvas. Are you using an aluminum frame or wood? For many, purchasing a newice fishing shelter for $200 works just fine.

Best of luck on building your own personal ice fishing shelter.