Ice House Setup

The ice house setup is a patented design. To set the fish house down, simply release the pins and move wheel levers to vertical position. To lift fish house back up, pull wheel levers back to horizontal position and lock. The patented balance wheels and automatic scissors hitch allows for a quick and easy set up.

The Zack Shack® by Zachmeier Mfg. Inc has revolutionized the Fish House industry again with the patented Automatic Scissors Trailer Tongue. No need to unhook vehicle with unique design, simplicity and ease of use. This handy design sets it well ahead of the competition. Unlike others on the market, The Zack Shack® Trailer Tongue uses no jacks or winches to operate either the wheel system or scissors action of the trailer tongue.
On The Zack Shack® Hard Shell Fish House, simply remove one travel pin from the Automatic Scissors tongue and one pin from each side of the patented balance wheel system, move both handles from the horizontal to vertical position, lowering the Fish House to the ice/ground. The trailer end will lower automatically.

The Zack Shack® Hard Shell Fish Houses with the patented balance wheel system and patent pending automatic scissors trailer tongue can be set up or down in less than 30 seconds.

Our ice fishing houses are constructed of floatable materials. Just another reason you can feel safe fishing out of a Zack Shack.

Ice Fishing House